It’s 1854, meet Orcadian Billy Botcher.

Liverpool 1854 on the quayside - "'Gather round, gather round all. My name is Billy Botcher. Second Mate on the Princess Rose, It's my job to welcome you today. They've chosen me because I've got such a loud voice. I've been with the Hudson's Bay Company since I was fifteen. I'm an Orcadian by birth… Continue reading It’s 1854, meet Orcadian Billy Botcher.

Leaving Liverpool

My debut novel It's 1854 and my heroine is standing on the quay with colliers from Whitehaven and Brierley Hill who have signed up with the Hudson's Bay Company to open the mines on Vancouver Island in Colville. "The first thing Kate McAvoy registered when she and her family stepped out of the brougham onto… Continue reading Leaving Liverpool

Whitehaven’s Georgian Streets and Modern-Day Seagulls

Arriving in Whitehaven late Tuesday afternoon, via Wensleydale and the Hawes Creamery, nerves became a little bit frayed as we set about negotiating the one-way system for Church Street and The Georgian House Hotel. After being warmly welcomed and more than happy to say goodbye to the car (it's a long way from Lincolnshire), we… Continue reading Whitehaven’s Georgian Streets and Modern-Day Seagulls