It’s 1854, meet Orcadian Billy Botcher.

Liverpool 1854 on the quayside - "'Gather round, gather round all. My name is Billy Botcher. Second Mate on the Princess Rose, It's my job to welcome you today. They've chosen me because I've got such a loud voice. I've been with the Hudson's Bay Company since I was fifteen. I'm an Orcadian by birth… Continue reading It’s 1854, meet Orcadian Billy Botcher.

LK Wilde – “Queenie of Norwich” Book Review:

Prepare to be totally engrossed in this novel. It's one of those books you should begin in the morning and cancel all engagements for because you're not going to want to put it down. If you don't begin reading it until later in the day you'll be up way past your bedtime to see how… Continue reading LK Wilde – “Queenie of Norwich” Book Review:

Compulsory Cow Pox Vaccination in 1853

In Whitehaven in 1853, the year before the setting of my novel "New Beginnings on Vancouver Island", the Clerk to the Guardians, Christopher Hodgkin issued a proclamation to parents and their guardians that all children must be vaccinated BY ORDER against Cow Pox. Medical practitioners were authorised to vaccinate all persons resident within the appointed… Continue reading Compulsory Cow Pox Vaccination in 1853