Novel #3 and what have I gleaned?

With Called to Vancouver Island, the sequel to my first novel, New Beginnings on Vancouver Island, to be published in July, it’s time to take stock of my #authorslife. Here’s a few points I’ve come up with: Draft number one is going to be the first of many. The story I start writing is not… Continue reading Novel #3 and what have I gleaned?

D. H. Lawrence, poetry and dialect – The Collier’s Wife.

A few personal thoughts on writing in dialect. The thing I most admire about D. H. Lawrence is his use of langauge, not just the written word but also his spoken dialect. He must have had a very musical ear for his characters always sound "right". Writing historical fiction I struggle over whether to use… Continue reading D. H. Lawrence, poetry and dialect – The Collier’s Wife.