How to avoid C. Spray – getting your names right.

My daughter asked me recently how I came up with the names for the characters in my books. Choosing them is actually something I really enjoy and I have several ways of doing it. Sometimes I just have it to hand and that's true of Stag in "New Beginnings on Vancouver Island".    My hero was… Continue reading How to avoid C. Spray – getting your names right.

Whitehaven’s Gravestones.

If, like me, you enjoy reading gravestone inscriptions then Whitehaven will not disappoint. I like to read the names, ages and family connections. Whitehaven's gravestones are particularly interesting because often the places where people died reveal the trade and history of the town. The tombstone above is a point in case. Jeremiah Pattinson died aged… Continue reading Whitehaven’s Gravestones.

Tracing Mr Whittle of 87 Church Street, Whitehaven.

This receipt is an original one made out to John Whittle of 87 Queen Street, Whitehaven, on July 4th, 1854, in payment of a lamp and paving rate. I assume it's a local lighting and street tax akin to our commercial rates. I thought I would spend a a short while seeing if I could… Continue reading Tracing Mr Whittle of 87 Church Street, Whitehaven.

Looking Down on Whitehaven

My protagonist, Stag Liddell, has a problem to solve. He's walking down the cliff after his stint at the Wellington pit and pauses to survey the town spread out beneath him. He sees the slate roofs, the ships being serviced in the harbour, the sailors and townsfolk going about their business, just as they always… Continue reading Looking Down on Whitehaven