Colville’s Bastion

My debut novel. For over six months the emigrants were cooped up on the Princess Rose, a three masted barque that had carried them from Liverpool to Canada. In Victoria they were transferred to The Beaver a steam powered side wheeler. They approach Colville, their new home. "To be charitable, the settlement looked promising, if… Continue reading Colville’s Bastion

Leaving Liverpool

My debut novel It's 1854 and my heroine is standing on the quay with colliers from Whitehaven and Brierley Hill who have signed up with the Hudson's Bay Company to open the mines on Vancouver Island in Colville. "The first thing Kate McAvoy registered when she and her family stepped out of the brougham onto… Continue reading Leaving Liverpool

Silver Darlings Review

There is something special about a book that stays with you in between reading sessions and this, for me, was such a book. I enjoyed it tremendously. I'm sure people who have visited will agree there is something unique about Holy Island’s atmosphere, something distinctive, and LK Wilde captures this perfectly. Not just through description,… Continue reading Silver Darlings Review

Whitehaven’s Gravestones.

If, like me, you enjoy reading gravestone inscriptions then Whitehaven will not disappoint. I like to read the names, ages and family connections. Whitehaven's gravestones are particularly interesting because often the places where people died reveal the trade and history of the town. The tombstone above is a point in case. Jeremiah Pattinson died aged… Continue reading Whitehaven’s Gravestones.