Eight things I’ve discovered while working on my WIP (Work in Progress).

That first cup of coffee, when I’m straightening my pencils, is the best of the day. My creative writing muse likes to start early and clock off at lunchtime. My characters trust me to keep their secrets. How foolish of them. My supporting characters are troublesome and always seeking the limelight I have writers’ OCD.… Continue reading Eight things I’ve discovered while working on my WIP (Work in Progress).

Old Liverpool Map – 1836

Part of New Beginnings on Vancouver Island is set in Liverpool, and until I can find a map for the 1850s that I can use, I think this gives a reasonable idea of the city and its composition. What strikes me is the geographical extent of the dockyards. The hustle and bustle of the port… Continue reading Old Liverpool Map – 1836

Binsey Poplars

Many years ago, too many years ago, a boyfriend presented me with a book of Gerard Manley Hopkins poems for my 18th birthday. Hopkins was a poet who was new to me and I was delighted to receive the gift. I was living in Oxford at the time and the boyfriend was studying at the… Continue reading Binsey Poplars

The Company – Review

I loved reading this. It was essentially for research purposes, but the characters that created and worked for the Hudson's Bay Company are so interesting it immediately became a page turner. Fascinating. Stephen Bown writes informatively and engagingly. He is never pedantic. The maps were helpful and it was good to be able to marry… Continue reading The Company – Review