Novel #3 and what have I gleaned?

With Called to Vancouver Island, the sequel to my first novel, New Beginnings on Vancouver Island, to be published in July, it’s time to take stock of my #authorslife. Here’s a few points I’ve come up with: Draft number one is going to be the first of many. The story I start writing is not… Continue reading Novel #3 and what have I gleaned?

Whitehaven Farthing Token

I'm beginning to get my material together for The Shackletons of Whitehaven sequel which means gathering all the Whitehaven and district notes, emphemera, and objects I hope will inspire me. I have to say it's a labour of love. The Shackletons of I've been rooting around in my shoe boxes and cupboards and I… Continue reading Whitehaven Farthing Token

Scarborough back in the days of “Love, love me do…”

Every time I go to Scarborough I think if only Jane and I had visited the week before we’d have seen The Beatles in their heyday performing live at The Futurist, but we went the week after so we missed them. It was a painful mistake as we could have gone the week before if we’d… Continue reading Scarborough back in the days of “Love, love me do…”

A Splash of Red – a fictional flight of fancy.

‘As I said to Maisie, I just love a splash of red, soooo New York don’t you think?’ ‘What did she say?’ ‘She looked at me, raised an eyebrow and said “A long-lost love once told me I looked unbeatable in black and I’ve worn nothing but black since”.’ ‘Now you mention it Maisie does… Continue reading A Splash of Red – a fictional flight of fancy.