My Debut Novel

About the Author

My historical romantic saga, set in 1854, is now available. Exciting times for any author, especially so for a debut novel.

I’ve spent most of my life living in various parts of Lincolnshire, in the U.K. After raising a family and lecturing on Chinese and Taiwanese history and textiles. I’ve now achieved my ambition of writing a mid-19th century historical saga set in Cumbria and Canada.

My links with Canada come from having a Canadian mother. Our early pioneering relatives left Ireland during the potato famine, spent some time in Cumberland and Staffordshire, then emigrated to Canada in the 1850s. I’ve always thought their story could form the basis of a great historical saga.

New Beginnings on Vancouver Island is a fictional historical saga based upon these factual events and the colliers who went out to work for the Hudson’s Bay Company in Colville on Vancouver Island. Their journey from Whitehaven via Liverpool took over 6 months and included travelling around The Horn in winter stopping only once in Honolulu for supplies. I’ve re-named the ship and taken liberties with some of the particulars regarding Whitehaven, Liverpool and Colville (which was re-named Nanaimo in 1860). I’ve used my family’s personal papers and other archival accounts and material. It’s an epic story of people heading for a new country with new ways. I’m currently researching for the second book in this historical saga series.

The Pioneers

The picture is of some of the descendants of the first pioneers, including my grandfather, arms crossed, in the centre as a young boy.