Thoughts on Stromness beach, Orkney.

Where the sea meets the land at Stromness, opposite The Old Man of Hoy, rocks of a multitude of brown shades dip drunkenly into the sea. Flat layered slabs rest one upon the other forming groynes like tongues stretching out to drink. These are ancient geological groynes, not man made. No candy floss, ice creams or deckchairs… Continue reading Thoughts on Stromness beach, Orkney.

It’s 1854, meet Orcadian Billy Botcher.

Liverpool 1854 on the quayside - "'Gather round, gather round all. My name is Billy Botcher. Second Mate on the Princess Rose, It's my job to welcome you today. They've chosen me because I've got such a loud voice. I've been with the Hudson's Bay Company since I was fifteen. I'm an Orcadian by birth… Continue reading It’s 1854, meet Orcadian Billy Botcher.