The Jolly Bauble – A Children’s Tale

Once upon a time there was a Christmas bauble that lived upstairs in the attic of a grandma’s old stone cottage. He was a very jolly bauble and spent most of the year in the big box of Christmas decorations with all his friends:  the tinsel, the candles, the coloured lights, the other baubles and… Continue reading The Jolly Bauble – A Children’s Tale


These tiles are from St David's Cathedral in Wales. The artist John Piper recalled how he loved to go to this Cathedral because of the beauty of its tiled floor. I can see his point, the tiles are magnificent. St David's Cathedral from above. Greater expanse of tiling (later tiles) The mediaeval tiles and… Continue reading Tiles

Dustmen’s Christmas Box

Seems an age ago that we used to give the dustmen a Christmas box - what we would call a Christmas tip these days. In our household, when I was a child, there would be much discussion over how much to leave and whether it would go to the correct crew. Not tipping apparently ran… Continue reading Dustmen’s Christmas Box