Tobacco Road (Allegorical critique on 1930s U.S.?)- Erskine Caldwell

I read this book on the California Zephyr in May 2019 about poor cotton sharecroppers. I thought it an appropriate read for a train ride from Chicago to San Francisco. This controversial novel was written in 1932 and describes the Great Depression years in Georgia near Atlanta. The poverty of the Lester family, their… Continue reading Tobacco Road (Allegorical critique on 1930s U.S.?)- Erskine Caldwell

“The Figure in the Carpet” – Henry James Henry James (1843 - 1916) wrote his novella, "The Figure in the Carpet", in 1896. An American, who spent his early and later years in England, James wrote the well known novels "Washington Square" (1880), "Portrait of a Lady" (1881), and "The Turn of the Screw" (1898). "The Figure in the Carpet" was a… Continue reading “The Figure in the Carpet” – Henry James