Silver Darlings Review

There is something special about a book that stays with you in between reading sessions and this, for me, was such a book. I enjoyed it tremendously.

I’m sure people who have visited will agree there is something unique about Holy Island’s atmosphere, something distinctive, and LK Wilde captures this perfectly. Not just through description, but also through her characters. How they love it, hate to leave it and when away, long to return. The island is in their blood. Perhaps it is that Holy Island is an island, but not all the time, cut off or connected according to the tides. Whatever its essence, it is here on the page.

The characters are intriguing, and the reader is party to their hardships, their misunderstandings, and their relationships. I was fascinated by the herring girls and could imagine the work stations and the chatter. The ending was a surprise, and not what I expected at all which was refreshing. There is a great deal to enjoy and learn about in this debut novel.

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