Some Whitehaven Citizens in 1847

I’ve chosen these more or less at random from the Miscellany section of “History, Gazetteer and Directory of Cumberland – 1847“.*  The miscellany is sub-titled “Comprising the addresses of Clergy, Gentry, Partners in firms, and others not arranged under the Classifications of Professions and Trades.” I assume this means they were regarded as the “great and the good” of the town, certainly seen as individuals worth recording.

  • George Atkinson, railway contctr, 85 Queen St.
  • Hannah Bateman, lodgings, 25, Roper St.
  • Robinson Birkett, gent, Priory.
  • John Brisco, paving & lamp rate collector.
  • Joseph Clementson, tobacco manufactr; 82, Lowther St.
  • Jas. Coldbeck, brewer, 66, George St.
  • Mrs. Deborah Crosthwaite, 153 Queen St.
  • John Cowman, gig and cart owner, 41 George St.
  • Fred Dennison, survyr of taxes, 41, Queen St.
  • Wm. Dobson, rope maker, 3 Chapel St.
  • John Fidler, surgeon, Catherine St.
  • Daniel Irvine Flatelley, excise officer, 36, Queen St.
  • Geo. Goodman, supt. of police, 19 King St.
  • Hannah Lachlison, bath keeper, W. Strand.
  • Richard Maugham, searcher in customs, 3, Hilton Terrace.
  • John Mawson, relieving officer, & registrar of births and deaths, Whitehaven District, 21 Church St.
  • Anthony Nicholson, harbour master, 87, George St.
  • John Peile Esq., colliery agent to the Earl of Lonsdale, colliery office, Duke St.
  • John Bateman Postlethwaite, attorney, supt. registrar & clerk to the Union, 12 Lowther St.
  • Joseph Swain, boatswain rigger, 16 New St.
  • Thos. Tatlock, sergeant major, Cumberland militia, 30 George St.
  • Jonathan White, tobacco pipe mfr. Ginns.
  • James Williamson, head gardener to the Earl of Lonsdale, Corkickle.
  • Thos. Wilson, piano mfr. and tuner, 105 Duke St.
  • Pearson Wren, harbour boatman, Court 30, Queen St

*Originally published by Mannix and Whellan in 1847, republished by Michael Moon, 1974.

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