Flag Stones

Thoughts on 30 December 2020 revisited on Dec 30 2021

A patchwork of flagstones, so beautiful that I could look at it for hours.  I am thinking perhaps I should print this off and put it where I can see it for moments of peace during this Covid-19 era.  A path leading out of the tunnel, offering more life and hope as we approach the New Year.  Today is the 30th of December in a year that has proved to be challenging for us all.  This is when I realise that my love of solitude and reading has come into its own.  I always look forward to the week in between Christmas and New Year as a tie of solitude when the phone doesn’t ring, when the town is quiet and when I have Christmas books to read.  How strange it is this year when it is just like every other week, since March, has been like this.  I am pleased to say that I do find solace in being able to read and reflect and realise that Jim and I are fortunate in that we have each other and also in that we have no business to run, no little ones to worry about and on the whole, we are most fortunate.  Let us hope that in this time of great stress for others and for those that are ill, which each day is more and the numbers are rising, that this time will soon become a nightmare to be looked back on.  That we will have passed through the tunnel and come out of the other end.

In some ways things are better now as we have vaccine and boosters, but we have a new variant that is causing problems. It will be interesting to see how this next year varies from this one.

Path in Jerusalem

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