A Gem of a Reading Spot in Suffolk.

It was a grey November day on the way home from Aldeburgh and being desperate for a coffee and there being no Starbucks in sight ( definitely not the place for one) we dropped into Walberswick. Well, in reality you can’t just drop in, you have to go down a long and windy road and make a concerted effort to get there. A hidden gem in fact. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Walberswick

The Walberswick sign on the village green

Being off season we were able to park with ease amongst the dykes and flood fortifications although getting across a very narrow low load bearing bridge to the parking area was scary, the sort of driving where you hold your breath to make the car narrower. Walking back into the village we saw the beautiful thatched seat above. The perfect reading spot I thought – in better weather perhaps – but still a gorgeous spot.

Walberswick Tea Room.

We found a tea shop that sold excellent coffee and home made cakes. Gluten free ones too! Refreshed and invigorated we managed to get the car over the bridge once more and set off on our three hour drive home. We decided not to drop into Southwold, we’d been there before. By the way, if you’ve checked out the Wikipedia link above – No, we didn’t see the phantom coach drawn by the headless horse!

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