Leicestershire RNA Chapter Meeting

I was delighted to be invited to the Leicestershire Romantic Novelist’s Association chapter meeting on Nov 5th at The Belmont Hotel in Leicester. It was my first experience of meeting a group of romantic fiction writers to chat and exchange ideas with, and I can’t wait for the next one. Like-minded people with the same interests and problems – eg “Where do you seek inspiration for describing your charaters physically?”

A selection of our books

We were able to check out each other’s books (see above) and hear about others’ works in progress and I enjoyed putting names to faces. I came away feeling really supported in my work looking forward to next year’s programme.

In fact it was an all round good day as I was early for the meeting so I took a short walk and, by chance, discovered the Leicester Art Gallery. https://www.leicestermuseums.org/leicester-museum-art-gallery/ this is a little gem – wonderful Victorian paintings, Arts and Crafts furniture and Pablo Picasso ceramics not to mention the dinosaur. It’s HUGE, as you might expect. Plenty of dinosaur items in the gift shop too if, as I do, you know little people who are mad keen on them. Good job I didn’t have to go through a full security screening at The Belmont as not sure what they would have made of my having a rubber dinosaur’s head nestling in the depths of my handbag. It’s flying off to New Zealand later today.